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Mindful Art

My mission is to use natural products to create organic art that brings you grounding, tranquility and peace. I am inspired by our roots, all of nature's beauty, and protecting the eco-system.

I have always had an appreciation for nature and for all of the beautiful colors that our planet bestows.  I am simply drawn to it all: vegetables, fruits, flowers, animals, sunsets, rainbows... I could go on forever.  As a child you would find me outside absorbing every element with my senses and applying it to my imagination.  I am intrigued with dreams at night and have kept a journal of them since I can remember; and I also love to use them for inspiration.  I was born with a passion for art and took many sketching and painting classes.  In college I studied graphic design, art history, marketing, logo design and typography. Even now I still continue to take classes, read books, travel and grow more knowledge about everything art related.  I love teaching art classes as well and sharing what techniques I have learned and developed.

 Be Colorful started off as a cookbook filled with recipes made with vibrant health foods.  I still continue to have a fascination for creating delicious and colorful meals; but I have extended that passion to consciously living simple and clean. This led to only using natural paints and honest art. Using 100% natural pigments directly from the Earth, you can feel comfortable and safe bringing my artwork into your home or special place.  Not only is the paint beautiful and durable, non-toxic and eco-friendly, but the canvases too are made from hemp and recycled elements.  I also bring in textures with sundried flowers, herbs and other particles from nature.  Mixing my own paints and building my canvases by hand with materials directly from our planet fills me with great gratitude and love.  Using meditation and prayer helps me to navigate my brush strokes and art.  I am mindful of the pigments and elements that our land provides, and my intention is to give those sincere feelings back through my art.  With the use of relaxing images, shapes, and soothing organic Earth tones, I want my clients to feel at peace.  I am influenced by our roots, nature, and protecting the eco-system.  I am dedicated to making the finest quality of art for you and your loved ones. 



I am delighted to collaborate with you on your specific art idea. Your creative vision is inspiring, and I look forward to bringing it to life through our collaborative efforts.

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